I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at University of Sydney, supervised by Dr. Qiang Tang. From 2021.6 to 2022.10, I was a senior security engineer at Alibaba Group. In 2021.6, I obtained my doctoral degree in Cryptography from Beihang University under the supervision of Prof. Jianwei Liu and Prof. Qianhong Wu. I was also trained at New Jersey Institue of Technology from 2019.9–2020.11. I got my bachelor degree in Mathematics from Beihang University. My research interests lie primarily in theoretical computer science and privacy-enhancing technologies.


  • Witness Authenticating NIZKs and Applications. (CRYPTO 2021)
    Hanwen Feng, Qiang Tang

  • Computational Robust (Fuzzy) Extractors for CRS-Dependent Sources with Minimal Min-entropy. (TCC 2021)
    Hanwen Feng, Qiang Tang

  • Scape: Scalable Collaborative Analytics System on Private Database with Malicious Security. (ICDE 2022) Han Feng, Lan Zhang, Hanwen Feng, Weiran Liu, Xiangyang Li.

  • OpBoost: A Vertical Federated Tree Boosting Framework Based Order-Preserving Desensitization. (VLDB 2023) Xiaochen Li, Yuke Hu, Weiran Liu, Hanwen Feng, Li Peng, Yuan Hong, Kui Ren, Zhan Qin.

  • Traceable Ring Signatures: General Framework and Post-Quantum Security. (Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2021,the extended version of CT-RSA’20 paper)
    Hanwen Feng, Jianwei Liu, Dawei Li, Ya-Nan Li, Qianhong Wu.

  • Traceable Ring Signatures with Post-quantum Security. (CT-RSA 2020)
    Hanwen Feng, Jianwei Liu, Ya-Nan Li, Qianhong Wu.

  • Secure Stern Signatures in Quantum Random Oracle Model. (ISC 2019)
    Hanwen Feng, Jianwei Liu, Qianhong Wu.

  • Two-layer Group Signature and Application to E-cash. (IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress 2019)
    Hanwen Feng, Jianwei Liu, Qianhong Wu, Tongge Xu.

  • Traceable Decentralized Anonymous E-Cash System Against Active Attackers. (IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress 2019)
    Hanwen Feng, Jianwei Liu, Qianhong Wu, Tongge Xu.

  • Predicate Fully Homomorphic Encryption: Achieving Fine-Grained Access Control over Manipulable Ciphertext. (INSCRYPT 2017)
    Hanwen Feng, Jianwei Liu, Qianhong Wu, Weiran Liu.

  • Group Signatures and Ring Signatures with Post-Quantum Security (A Chinese SoK). (Journal of Cryptologic Research, 2020)
    Hanwen Feng, Jianwei Liu, Qianhong Wu.

  • Making MA-ABE Fully Accountable: A Blockchain-based Approach for Secure Digital Right Management. (Computer Networks, 2021)
    Yiming Hei, Jianwei Liu, Hanwen Feng, Dawei Li, Yizhong Liu, Qianhong Wu.

  • A Decentralized and Secure Blockchain Platform for Open Fair Data Trading. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 2020)
    Ya‐Nan Li, Xiaotao Feng, Jan Xie, Hanwen Feng, Zhenyu Guan, Qianhong Wu.


I am contributing to mpc4j, a Java-based secure multiparty computation library supported by Alibaba.

Academic Services

I served as external reviewers for the following conferences: EUROCRYPT 2023, Okland 2023, CCS 2022, Usenix Security 2022, ASIACRYPT 2022, NDSS 2022, PKC 2022, ASIACRYPT 2021, CTRSA 2022, ACNS 2021, ICISC 2020, ESORICS 2020, ACISP 2020, etc.

Awards & Honors

I received Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award from Beihang University, Outstanding Graduate Student in Cyber Science scholarship from China Internet Development Foundation, National Scholarship from China MOE, etc.